Welcome To

 5 Creek Farms

Situated in the Mission Valley of Montana. Home to our sheep, their hay, their pasture, their guardians and Montana made Gifts.

Who We Are

Here at 5 Creek we are a family of four growing our flock in beautiful Montana.  In the rugged beauty of our location we also raise livestock guardians the noble Great Pyrenees dogs to whom we must credit the successful growth of our flock with our Lord's blessings.  

Our Homestead

On our farm we raise our specifically bred variety of sheep for optimum wool and meat protection and indisputable mothering qualities.  We embrace our best friends and livestock guardians while raising quality and proven Great Pyrenees dogs to protect our flock and farm.  To sustain our livestock we pour our hearts into supreme quality grass hay that no animal has turned down, striving to do our part to reduce the spread of noxious weeds.  Call or email for prices, to reserve puppies or for general questions.

Current Items for sale: Grass Hay