Lamb For Sale

We now have lamb for sale. Tender, mild, Grass fed with garden treats to make happy sheep. Please call for pricing and details.  406.210.8150

Our Farm Sheep

It all started with a sweet bummer ewe lamb. The pride and joy of our days.  We carefully source and select breeding to reduce problems, poor genes and disappointments. 

Farm History

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Pa brought home two twin bummer ewes, Dolly and Dot Isle de France sheep with supreme quality wool and excellent meat flavor and our future unfolds.  Dot died in an accident and we brought home Polly and her two wethers.


We moved our family and our sheep to our new homestead in Montana


Pa met Hadrien, whom we were destined to bring home to protect our sheep.


We bought our first ram, George, a Ramboullet, Targhee cross for merino quality wool and supreme meat quality. 


Hazel came home.  We found her in Arkansa and had her shipped here by an amazing dog lover. And so,  Hadrien was from Idaho and Hazel from Arkansas.  


Our dear Dolly delivered THREE healthy lambs, two ewes and a ram. 


Old Faithful polly delivered two healthy ewe lambs.  We are so blessed to have so many ewes in one season.  


Dinx, Dolly's ram lamb was sold to find his own harem. 


Hazel had her first litter and now we have 6 amazing sheep guardians.  


Our First Farmer's Market! Lots of new friends. Awesome People in Ronan